Live-blogging the Roadtrip to Rustenburg

12:15 p.m. (local time, EDT +6): Mravic and Peter King plot our trip along “the scenic route.”

Driver and navigator.

We’re in great hands.

12:35: We pass this enormous structure, ponder what it is. Best response from Peter: “Something big.” (NB: Most of these shots were taken from a moving car.)

12:53: We might be lost. Peter: “These road signs—they’re all falling down. This one’s in a garbage can.”

12:59: We’ve doubled back. Mravic: “I don’t remember this bridge, do you? [The boy…] do you remember any of this?” We’re lost.

1:03: Found!

1:08: Mravic: “Looks a little bit like Manhattan, Kansas. Except for the giant cactuses.”

1:10 Peter: “Amazing being in the African countryside and Tweeting about David Tyree.”

The countryside.

1:12: Mravic: “Is this common in Africa—fires in the sky?”

Peter: “I’m afraid I don’t know that.”

Mravic: “There’s a fire. [The boy…], look at the fire.”

1:24 Peter gives a nice breakdown of Tyree’s Velcro catch.

1:31: The Tyree lesson causes us to miss yet another turn.

1:35: Now we’re talking about college football conferences. Mravic: “They should combine the Big 10 and the MAC and call it the Big Mac.” [HONK!] Peter, getting into the soccer spirit, suggests a promotion/relegation setup for the two: e.g., send Northwestern down, bring Ohio U up.

1:38 Peter admiringly calls Grant a soccer nerd. I try to lure him into a football nerd comment by asking how far under or over the cap the Ravens were two years ago. He didn’t know that, but it led to a discourse on the Ravens cap crisis of 2001. The man knows his stuff.

1:50: Peter: “Look at that cow taking a huge dump! It’s great! That’s the kind of observation that should go on your blog. He was hunched over just like a dog. I didn’t know cows did that.” (No photos.)

1:56 Makeshift soccer field.

Five-a-side, anyone?

2:10-3:10 Lunch at the Garden Cafe, a roadside stand that just opened today. Dee made us boerworsrolls (sausage) and grilled cheese and tomato while Leon sold [The boy…] about eight pounds of biltong (jerky). We considered buying an ostrich egg, which Leon assured us was as big as 24 normal eggs. We asked if it would keep for 12 hours in a car; Dee replied that we’d probably end up with a full-grown ostrich.

Opening day.

3:20: Roadside sign: HIJACK AREA, 500 METERS

3:25: Places South Africa now looks like: LA; Manhattan, Kansas; Miami; Pennsylvania.

after 3:25: In a nutshell, computer lost its juice, we tried to navigate using the sun (no one had a sextant), almost got lost, followed some nice locals to a park-and-ride that, unfortunately, was nothing more than a large field with two buses that weren’t in operation.

The first sign of trouble.

So we made our way to another park-and-ride, this one with actual cars and stuff…

A boy and his horn.

Then rode to the stadium, where we finally saw someone find a constructive use for a vuvuzela, giving [The boy…] a preview of college life.

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One Response to Live-blogging the Roadtrip to Rustenburg

  1. Beech says:

    That picture looks like their driving right down the middle of the median. Interesting note about the cow. Will be trying to shake that for the rest of the day.

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