Like a Dung Beetle, Randmarks Rolls Back to Life

OK, so we’ve been a little lax on the blogging front. Turns out it’s work! I also had to lend my laptop to Peter King for the England-U.S. game and didn’t retrieve it until Sunday night, after Serbia-Ghana. Monday was a full work day as I edited the SI magazine package, and Tuesday involved errands and then freezing our butts off at Brazil-North Korea. Wednesday had been scheduled for sightseeing of some sort, but it has turned out to be a day for much-needed R&R. The sheer process of getting to and from the stadiums, and of sitting through hours on end of vuvuzela blare, in the chill of the South African winter has turned out to be exhausting.

I had promised some thoughts from the opener, but that feels like ages ago. So here goes with some of what we like and don’t like.

1. We like Peewee, the deaf and blind soccer-playing World Cup Pup at SI House.

World Cup Pup.

2. We liked the look of Soccer City, both during the day and at night.

3. We liked the vibe inside the stadium at the opener—black, white, Asian or whatever, everyone in South Africa colors, belting out the anthem in multiple languages.

4. We liked the dung beetle in the opening ceremony.

Meet the Beetle.

5. We liked the hard-ass Afrikaaner security guy at the U.S.-England game who held a pair of Nikes in his hand and talked into his earphone for the entire second half after some American hooligan threw his shoes onto the track. The security guy absolutely would not give the shoes back despite heckles and pleas from the crowd. Eventually he called in backup, and five more stewards came to watch our section.

6. We liked the England fans’ banners at Royal Bafokeng. England supporters may be obnoxious louts (may be? ARE) but they win the war of the flags. MORE to come.

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One Response to Like a Dung Beetle, Randmarks Rolls Back to Life

  1. Kathy says:

    keep focusing on the likes…..

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