Elephants (Literal)

After putting away a delicious $7 T-bone at a bar called Grazers following the Cote d’Ivoire game (Evans and I in our matching orange Ivory Coast jerseys, a purchase inspired by being drunk on equal parts joy and Budwesier), we hit the Addo Elephant Park Wednesday morning. The highlight was when this guy bore down on our car—he was close enough to touch as he moseyed up to us. Like an idiot, I rolled up the window in a half-panic, like that was going to protect us from him if he decided to stomp our little Toyota Yaris, which weighs roughly a quarter of what an elephant does. But he just kept walking.


That's a big ass.

My favorite thing about the whole park, though (and I failed to get a picture due to some camera problems), was the sign out front that laid out all the warnings and disclaimers—basically a big board of fine print. In addition to warning us not to get out of the car or feed the animals fruit (???), we were informed that the park was not responsible for any injuries incurred, including “psychological” and “loss of dignity.” What would constitute loss of dignity? Being mocked by a lion in front of your family? Being de-pantsed by a zebra? Or something far more sinister?

And now for the rest of the menagerie:

Baby Babar.

Joe Crawford, Bennett Salvatore, Steve Javie

Kudu. Majestic to look at. Delicious to eat as biltong.

A hyena and his dinner.

Under African skies (from behind a windshield).

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2 Responses to Elephants (Literal)

  1. Kathy says:

    stunning pics!

  2. JDubs says:

    Grazers? Grunters, you wanker!

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