To the Rescue

You’ll recall that Peter King had to borrow my laptop for a few days early on in the tournament, after his, a Mac as well, blew up, and that halted any forward blogging momentum I’d generated. It was pretty much no go from there on in, given travel and work schedule and connectivity issues and general laziness. Now, though, safely ensconced on the couch in Manhattan with reliable high-speed WiFi and dramatically improved upload times, I pick up where Bechtel and his blown-up Powerbook have left off. For instance, here are some penguin pictures. The spot is called Boulders Beach, on the eastern side of the Cape.

A penguin.

A penguin (top view).

A penguin (young and furry).

Two penguins on some rocks.

Penguin warning.

The penguins roost in little dugouts in the bushes just up from the beach, and also in some plastic tubs the park service has built into the sand. The colony is quite large, though most of it is out of sight in the undergrowth. The place smelled a bit of ammoniac bird droppings. It was also populated with dassies—their official name is the rock hyrax—who, as noted, enjoy perching atop things.

Dassies, perched on changing hut.

They are cute, no doubt about it.

We are not suicidal in the least.

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